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MIP Fund Accounting is preferred by nonprofits and government agencies for planning and managing budgets, maximizing grants, and producing accurate reports

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MIP Fund Accounting ® Financial Management Software

MIP Fund Accounting ® (formerly Abila MIP) software is the preferred fund accounting and financial management software solution utilized by nonprofits to plan budgets, maximize grants, maintain payroll, and generate accurate, custom reports in minutes!

The MIP® software simplifies nonprofit financial management, making it more streamlined and less time-consuming for organizations that require tracking and reporting on multiple funds across various budget periods to fulfill reporting obligations and demonstrate accountability. It is purpose-built to meet the fund accounting needs of all types of organizations, from community action nonprofits to healthcare institutions.

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award-winning solution

MIP Fund Accounting ® Helps Strengthen & Simplify

MIP Fund Accounting ® stands as an award-winning nonprofit accounting software relied upon by charities, schools, hospitals, and government agencies. Its unique design caters to specific needs, including tracking and reporting on individual funds from multiple sources and ensuring compliance with FASB, GASB, and other reporting standards.

MIP Fund Accounting® Awards

Standing the test of time

MIP Fund Accounting ® is 30 Years Strong

With its flexible system setup and built-in reporting, MIP Fund Accounting ® assists your organization in mastering its essential accounting and administrative tasks. This solution offers more than just accuracy; it delivers quality and support, leading to enhanced accountability, efficient fund management, and increased time dedicated to your cause.

Complete Financial Management

Simplify your daily operations with an integrated financial management software system. Generate precise, customized reports swiftly to meet government, grant, and internal reporting standards, and promptly address auditor inquiries.

Accountability & Stewardship

Demonstrate financial responsibility by effortlessly producing the reports you need quickly and easily to satisfy internal and external requirements, thereby streamlining the decision-making process with accurate and timely financial insights.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Create, plan, and monitor tailored budgets for grants, programs, and departments. Calculate projected financial standings, track budgets, and analyze hypothetical scenarios to facilitate informed decision-making.

Effective Grant Management

Maximize funding potential and ensure transparency across all levels with Grant Management. This web-based solution for grant receiving uniquely integrates development, contact, and financial data to enhance grant pipeline management and optimize success tracking.

Simplified Human Resource Management

The fully integrated Human Resource Management module enables you to effortlessly track, manage, and report while ensuring federal and state compliance and securely e-filing tax forms. The web-based employee portal offers efficient and automated timesheet management alongside online access to employee data.

Intuitive & Customizable

Customize the system to match your work habits and mission, not the other way around. When you open the MIP Fund Accounting® system, you’re greeted with the information that matters most to you. Tailor entry fields, highlight required fields, save favorite reports for easy access, create shortcuts to other applications, and perform tasks more efficiently than ever before.

Up-to-the-Minute Analysis & Reporting

Ensure compliance with critical reporting requirements from auditors, internal management, funding sources, and your board of directors using the flexible and robust report writer. Demonstrate your organization’s financial responsibility by presenting crucial data in professional, easily distributable reports.

Run Comprehensive Reports

Generate a diverse array of standard reports, including FASB- or GASB-compliant, audit-ready financial statements. Effortlessly report on multiple fiscal years within the same report or create reports spanning across fiscal years with ease.

Monitor Financial Performance

Financial dashboards empower you to slice and dice, drill up, down, and across information to fully analyze trends, budgets, spending ratios, and more, enabling a comprehensive view of your financial health and facilitating proactive financial management.

Extensive Budget Controls

With MIP®, you can oversee an unlimited number of budgets. Effortlessly assess budgeted amounts, expenditures, committed funds, and available budget. Generate comparative statements for your management team and board of directors, demonstrating the budget-to-actual position for your programs, grants, departments, and other cost centers. Estimate future periods and calculate forecasted financial positions, including analyzing “what-if” scenarios for improved decision-making.

Flexible Chart of Accounts

The table-driven chart of accounts structure in MIP Fund Accounting® offers unique value to nonprofits and government organizations. By customizing your chart of accounts, you eliminate the necessity of manually entering each potential string of account combinations for every new funding source. This saves time whenever you initiate a new project. You can record funds, grants, programs, contributors, and more with an unlimited number of segments.

Access &

Ensure data access with built-in options, ranging from role-based security to account-level security. Set security limits to allow specific departments or users, such as temporary employees, to access only the dashboards and data relevant to their responsibilities. Reduce time spent on generating reports for senior management. Provide board members, directors, and key executives with direct access to the financial reporting, graphs, and data they require through the report-only Executive View licensing option.

designed for you

Flexibility & Choice with MIP Fund Accounting ®

MIP Fund Accounting® offers both on-premises and cloud solutions for fund accounting, providing the flexibility to choose what best suits your needs. Opting for hosting with MIP® enables you and your team to access your application and data from anywhere via the Internet. Additionally, this option relieves your staff of IT burdens. Furthermore, your data remains secure, backed up, and monitored, with guaranteed Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) in place. Importantly, hosting eliminates the need to deploy or maintain a server, significantly reducing your total cost of ownership while simultaneously enhancing the accessibility and flexibility of MIP Fund Accounting®. Whether you opt for on-premises or cloud solutions, Community Brands Professional Services and Certified Business Partners are readily available to assist your organization in getting up and running quickly and efficiently.

Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-based solutions mean that your applications are hosted in a data center, professionally managed for superior server performance, scalability, and security. By outsourcing the management of your software infrastructure to a trusted service provider, you free yourself from the burden of deploying, maintaining, backing up, and upgrading hardware and software. Consequently, you are able to securely access your software and information from your mobile phone, tablet, workstation, or laptop, wherever and whenever you need.

On Premise Solution

The organization purchases the software license for the number of users needed and thus owns the software. This approach clearly minimizes long-term fees associated with a subscription model. Subsequently, you would house the software on your server, which is perfect for organizations that have IT support on-site and do not require additional technical help. Alternatively, you can purchase the software license and still opt to have it housed on Community Brands servers, known as Private Cloud/Perpetual.


Build Your Own System Based On Your Needs

The modular structure of this system allows organizations to acquire only the functional areas they need. As your organization evolves, adding specialized modules can address the requirements that accompany expansion and growth. MIP Fund Accounting® ensures the integrity of existing data whenever additional modules are installed, providing a robust foundation for financial accountability.

designed for you

Just some of the services we offer:

Implementation & Training Services for MIP Fund Accounting

McGovern Consulting Group’s unique approach involves assigning a single consultant to your organization who will assist you throughout the implementation process from the initial needs assessment to configuration, training, and meeting the unique needs of your organization.

Our “single source” approach to implementations provides consistency and stability throughout your transition to new software. As your needs evolve beyond the initial implementation, we offer training focused on advanced topics and how to further leverage features of the software.

New users will receive the training needed to successfully perform their duties. You may wish to consider periodic training services to protect your software investment and ensure the best use of the system.

MIP Fund Accounting System Review & Evaluating Whether a New Module Makes Sense

Our system review services offer advice on how your organization can more effectively utilize the software. Owing to our experience and insights gained from working with similar organizations, we are equipped to outline the relevant advantages of integrating additional modules. We can also suggest extra or advanced training, upgrades, and modifications to your configuration. Your review will include details on how to fully capitalize on your software investment.

Redesigning Your Accounting System to Better Meet Your Organization's Needs

You may find that adjustments to your software setup could be beneficial. A well-thought-out setup is crucial for achieving the intended outcomes from any financial system. Our experience shows that system design is the primary factor distinguishing successful from unsuccessful users. Our redesign services are tailored to your requirements, ensuring you get the most out of your accounting system.

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