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MIP Cloud ®

MIP® is your go-to cloud-based, SaaS fund accounting solution, specifically designed and driven by the mission to support nonprofits. It offers an innovative, scalable, and top-tier solution that adapts to your needs, wherever you are.

MIP Cloud ® is both comprehensive and scalable, designed to evolve with your organization’s unique requirements. MIP® excels at tracking unlimited funds and simplifying financial management. Being cloud-based, it’s accessible whenever and wherever you need it. MIP® Cloud maintains the reliable MIP® platform’s legacy but enhances it with a modern, always-connected interface. Its robust dashboard tools and seamless integration with other essential systems offer the flexibility required to achieve your mission—both now and in the future.

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Features that grow with you

MIP Cloud Features

24/7 availability

Access your data wherever you have an internet connection with MIP Cloud’s 24/7 availability.

Secure. Compliant. Accurate.

MIP® Cloud features data storage in redundant, offsite servers to keep your organization safe from natural disasters. Plus, MIP® features multiple security layers, including limited user access and permissions, encrypted data and communications, and SOC compliance endorsed by AICPA.

Maintenance free

With MIP Cloud ®, paying for costly in-house servers is a thing of the past. Plus, we handle all back-ups and updates, so your IT team can allocate its time to other matters.

Real-time reporting

With 340+ out-of-the-box reports, you can tell your organization’s financial story quickly and easily, however you want to.

Customizable to your needs

With dashboards that provide real-time insights, your organization can customize MIP® to show the figures you need, when you need them.

Future-proof modules

Our future-proof solution grows as your organization does with modular components you can add on when you need them. Use MIP® how you need it today, and add-on capabilities for tomorrow.  

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